Five exhibitions during Japan Season at Musée Guimet in Paris, until 14 January 2014

Photo: Shinichi Yamasaki, © DR

Photo: Shinichi Yamasaki, © DR

Japan has Musée Guimet’s full attention in the coming months. In its La Saison Japonaise du Musée Guimet, which lasts until 14 January 2014, the museum presents five exhibitions dedicated to Japanse ceramics, textiles, prints and paintings.
Currently on display are ceramics by Kitaōji Rosanjin (1883-1959) as well as Tsutsugaki indigo textiles. Rosanjin’s objects, highly acclaimed works of early 20th century Japanese art, are presented within the context of Japanese cooking. The exhibition is the first retrospective of the artist in France. Tsutsugaki is a textile decoration technique that can be compared with batik. This exhibition addresses the specific techniques as well as the iconography visible on tsutsugaki textiles.
A third exhibition concentrates on the theme of gardens in Japanese screens and woodblock prints and will be followed by an exhibition on print artist Hiroshige. The Japan season at Musée Guimet concludes with an exhibition of the work of one hundred contemporary calligraphy masters.

L’art de Rosanjin, genie de la cuisine Japonaise, 3 July-9 September 2013

Tsutsugaki, textiles Indigo du Japon, 10 July-7 October 2013

Jardins à travers paravents et estampes, 29 May-14 August 2013

Hiroshige, 28 August-14 October 2013

Sho2, 100 Maîtres calligraphes contemporains du Japon, 23 October 2013-14 January 2014

See the La Saison Japonaise website for more information.